All players must be 7 years old or older. Please note, that airsoft is an extreme sport that can cause minor pain or skin abrasions on impact. There may be loud noises, dimly lit areas, and large crowds. Please evaluate your individual child to make sure this is a suitable environment for them regardless of age.

We chrono with .20g bb's. 400 fps or 1.49 joules is the limit for aeg's and gas pistols (full auto allowed). 450 fps or 1.88 joules for DMR's (semi auto only). 500 fps or 2.32 joules for bolt action sniper rifles. HPA guns will be chronoed with .30g bb's and will not go over the respective joule limit.

Mandatory while on the playing field. Full seal eye pro for people ages 18 and up. Full face protection required for people age 17 and under. DO NOT REMOVE EYEPRO WHILE ON THE FIELD AT ANY TIME!! YELL "BLIND MAN" IF YOU SEE SOMEONE TAKING OFF EYEPRO.

Keep your magazines out of your guns while in the staging area at all times. Make sure they are out before you cross back into the staging area from the field. You may put them in to test your gun only while you are on the field or at the firing range.


One bb hit anywhere on your body or gear counts as a hit. When you get hit, yell "HIT" loudly and raise your gun or arm high. Exceptions are gun hits or ricochets. Be honorable and please call your hits. Repeated offenses on this will result in an ejection from the game or even banned for the day with no refund. If you have an issue with a player not calling their hits talk to a ref or staff member!


Do not shoot any player within 15 feet of you. Instead you will yell "safety". The dead player will walk off the field as if he was hit.


We have a new multi-room killhouse on the field. Guns must shoot 350 fps (1.14 joules) or under with a .20g bb. Semi auto only inside, no full auto. Players running guns that shoot over 350 fps should switch to a secondary gun that shoots 350 fps or under. Because of the close quarter nature of the killhouse, there are no "safety kills" inside the killhouse. Therefore, if you do not want to get shot up close, do not enter the killhouse. Full face protection highly recommended if you enter.

This is a safety hazard. Do not stick your weapon around cover while not looking where you are shooting! You must aim down the sight of your gun to fire. We will eject you from the game if you are caught doing this.

If you see someone removing their eye protection on the field you will yell out "blind man". Every player will echo "blind man". You will then stay in place, cease fire, and put your gun on safety until a ref resumes the game. Man down is for real life emergencies. In this case for players you will follow the same procedure as blind man.

Please do not move the cover on the field or touch any of the wildlife. If you come across something of concern please notify a ref or staff member immediately.

No alcohol permitted in the staging area or the playing field.

Please be respectful to your fellow players and staff. Airsoft is a game of honor and integrity and should be put into practice. If you start or contribute to any hazing, bullying, or fighting, we will ban you from the field. As for language, keep it PG-13 please! 


10ft kill radius where the grenade stops or detonates. Grenade does not have to shoot bb's to kill a group of players. Grenade must at least resemble a real life grenade. When using a grenade that does not explode or shoot projectiles, yell "dummy grenade". If you have questions, ask a staff member.

Most of all, Have Fun!